It is not enough for a modern residential complex to just offer comfortable apartments, it should possess a well-designed adjoining territory of its own with recreational areas, located as far from the city noise and traffic as possible, parking lots and guest parking spaces.

The most advanced and functional solution in terms of inner territory arrangement is the "Car-free Courtyard" concept used in the LIFE-Mitinskaya Residential Complex.

The "Car-free Courtyard" concept allows for elimination of parking spaces and motor roads inside the courtyard.

The entire territory of the Complex is designed for recreational activities in separate designated areas: children's playgrounds and sports grounds, jogging trails, mini gardens with pavilions and landscaping design elements. The area spared from parking spaces will be additionally landscaped: the LIFE-Mitinskaya Residential Complex will be decorated with numerous trees, bushes, pavilions and ornamental flowerbeds.

You find yourself in your own mini-park just as you exit the building.

Access control systems

The courtyard parking is limited by parking columns, while entry for motor vehicles is maintained round the clock in order to enable free access for emergency services. There is a single-track driving road inside the courtyard, with passing places for cars.

It is possible to drive into the Complex grounds on a private car. A special circular road with driveways to each separate building is laid out around the residential part, enabling local residents to drive up and unload luggage or drop off passengers.

"Car-free Courtyard" is a bilateral solution that is convenient both for pedestrians and car owners.

Advantages of the "Car-free Courtyard" concept:

  • Secured limited-access territory adjoining the buildings
  • Friendly urban environment, kids friendly as well
  • Unpolluted and calm area (no noise and exhaust fumes)
  • Landscape design: lawns and flowerbeds
  • Territory of harmonious living: areas for sports and relaxation
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