On the eve of the 74th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow near Mitino there took place the opening of the memorial complex in honor of the Soviet anti-aircraft gunners who defended the capital not only in the Great Patriotic War, but also took care of the city in peacetime.
According to the Chairman of the Veterans Council of the Northwest district of the capital, Victor Semenov, who took part in the opening ceremony, during the war the 53rd anti-aircraft artillery division was housed in the village of Mitino, which was one of the first on the outskirts of the city to reflect enemy attacks. In the first battle the anti-aircraft gunners of the regiment shot down several aircraft. In total for the period from 22 July to 5December, 1941, the air defense forces defeated 122 air raids, which involved 7146 aircraft.
Paying tribute to the heroism, Pioneer Group with its employees recreated the memorial complex, developed the mini-park, restored and installed a 1941 model anti-tank gun (ZIS-2) and a model of the anti-aircraft missile system S-75 “Dvina”. This proximity is no coincidence: the first weapon defended the capital during the war, and the second kept the peace of the Muscovites after. Drawing such a parallel, the developers of the project of the complex once again stressed the continuity of generations. Also, the solemn ceremony of the opening of the monument was attended by people of different age groups: students, residents of the district and members of the council of veterans of the district. Despite their venerable age, the older generation does active military and patriotic work. They praised the new monument. Together with the prefect of the South-western Administrative District Alexei Pashkov, head of the Mitino district Valentin Vorobyov and CEO of Pioneer Group, Moscow division, Artem Eyramdzhants they participated in laying flowers. The memorial complex, which was given a second life thanks to Pioneer Group, will become for many years a place of attraction for Mitino residents and a place for holding district holidays.

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