Pioneer Group supports Moscow cadets

Cadets of the Sholokhov Cossack corps are now able to receive education in more comfortable conditions. With the support of the general director of the construction company “Pioneer” Oleg Soroka there appeared a heat-insulated corridor between the dormitories and the dining room. The event took place on May 12.

“Construction of a heat-insulated corridor was one of our priorities in this school year, – director of the Cadet Corps, Colonel Nikolai Perepech, said at the ceremony. – However, we did not have the means to do it. Therefore, we sought the help of the General Director of the construction company “Pioneer” Oleg Soroka, who, by the way, is a graduate of the Suvorov Military School.”

According to director of the corps, due to the absence of a corridor nearly 400 pupils had to eat in two shifts. Now the process is faster and students go into the dining room of the building through a warm corridor.

As part of the festive opening a paramilitary race was held among the cadets. The winners were awarded with medals, cups and sweet prizes by Oleg Soroka and Nicholai Perepech.

General Director of the construction company “Pioneer” Oleg Soroka: “The social component is one of the priorities in our company. We clearly understand that some things cannot be done with the help of public funds. There are many projects and initiatives that need to support of business. We are actively involved in the construction of Moscow: build various social infrastructure units, which are then donated to the city. I gladly responded to the request of the Cossack Cadet Corps. I sympathize with the educational institutions, which educate future officers – defenders of Russia.”

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