Bank "Vozrozhdenie" has accredited the construction units of Pioneer Group

Moscow, May 18, 2015: Bank “Vozrozhdenie” began to cooperate with Pioneer Group and accredited three of its projects in Moscow: the residential districts LIFE-Botanichesky Sad (Botanical Garden), LIFE-Mitinskaya Ecopark, the multifunctional complex YES.

The residential district LIFE-Botanichesky Sad (Botanical Garden) is being built in the north-east of Moscow in a dynamically developing area with good transport accessibility.

As part of the residential district with the total area of 238,000 m2 it is planned to construct 9 monolithic buildings with flat with great views, spacious terraces and high quality turnkey finish. The project envisages a well-developed infrastructure: heated underground parking, guest parking, as well as shops and service companies located on the first floor of the residential district, a kindergarten for 240 and a school for 550 children. It offers future tenants landscaped yards with recreational areas, children’s and sports grounds.

The residential district LIFE-Mitinskaya Ecopark is two monolithic buildings with the total area of 154 000 m2, built in the north-west of the capital in an eco-friendly area. A feature of the project is unique French windows that visually expand the room. On the enclosed territory of the district the infrastructure for children and sports will be built: a kindergarten for 300 children, a fitness center, sports and children’s playgrounds. It is planned to implement the concept of a “yard without cars.”

The apart-hotel YES with the total area of 52,000 m2 at the address Mitinskaya, 16, brings together apartments and commercial premises, among which it is supposed to open business offices, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Buyers of flats in newly constructed complexes LIFE- Botanichesky Sad and LIFE-Mitinskaya Ecopark can buy an apartment on the mortgage program with state support: the initial payment on the loan is 20% of the cost of housing, the interest rate is 12% per annum in rubles, the maximum loan term is 30 years . For purchasing apartments in the newly built multifunctional complex YE’S the bank offers a mortgage program “Novostroika (New Flat) 2015”: the interest rate is 14.5%, the initial payment from 30%, the maximum loan term -30 years. Proof of income is possible by the 2-NDFL form and the form of the bank. The loan may be repaid not only in the operating offices, but also by using a debit card at the Bank’s ATMs, by Internet banking and mobile applications.

Please call the sales center of Pioneer Group for details: +7 495 502-95-59.

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