Bank of Moscow issued an accreditation for buildings in the LIFE-Mitinskaya and LIFE-Volzhskaya Residential Complexes

Bank of Moscow and Pioneer Group develop their cooperation in mortgage programs providing advantageous conditions for purchasing apartments in the LIFE-Mitinskaya and LIFE-Volzhskaya Residential Complexes.

Within the frames of the cooperation agreement Bank of Moscow is ready to issue a mortgage loan for purchasing an apartment at any stage of development on the following conditions: interest rates for loans in rubles for the period of up to 30 years – from 11.5% without guarantors and additional pledges, provided the down payment of 15% is made. The important advantage is the absence of a requirement to provide an additional security during the construction period. Bank of Moscow does not charge commissions for application procedures and account management or front-end and early repayment fees.

“Through our cooperation with Pioneer Group our borrowers will have additional opportunities for purchasing new comfortable apartments. On the other side, Bank of Moscow is ready to offer high-quality affordable mortgage programs,” says Georgy Ter-Aristokesyants, Director of the Mortgage Loan Department of the Bank of Moscow.

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