Sales of additional finishing options started in LIFE-Mitinskaya Residential Complex

In October 2013, Pioneer Group launches a new product, absolutely unique on the real estate market, – a wide range of additional options for customized apartment finishing in the second-phase buildings of the LIFE-Mitinskaya Residential Complex.

Under the new concept, the customers will be able to choose sanitary ware and furniture for bathrooms, Italian tiles, floor covering, install complex utility systems, such as underfloor heating systems or conditioners, and to change the apartment planning layout.

“Apartments with basic standard finishing in LIFE Residential Complexes proved their functionality and are in stable demand. In the LIFE-Mitinskaya Residential Complex. we further improved the finishing concept, complementing it with possibility to choose among additional options and customized technological solutions at the purchase stage. The list of options was compiled in compliance with key requirements of our customers and the most complicated tasks for equipment installation and repair,” commented Oleg Soroka, Managing Director of Moscow Business Area, Pioneer Group.

“The customized apartment finishing offered by the developer is more cost-effective for our customer, as materials and services are ordered at wholesale prices that are lower than the average market price by about 20%. Quality of work performed by professional finishing contractors is undoubtedly higher than that of private repair teams. We expect that additional options will be in good demand among our customers that will get fully finished customized apartments that won’ require further aesthetic or constructional improvement,” commented Yuri Kogan, Marketing Director of Pioneer Group.
Pioneer Group is one of the first developers in the comfort-class segment to offer not just a standard finishing solution, but a customized apartment finishing design. The project is implemented in cooperation with the leading global and Russian producers of finishing materials, including Kerama Marazzi, Roca, Grohe, Tarkett, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, etc.
The LIFE-Mitinskaya Residential Complex consists of three EuroPa series solid-cast buildings with a striking facade specially designed by Sergey Kisselev & Partners Architectural Studio. The Complex has its own infrastructure, including a school and kindergarten, ground parking and commercial premises on the ground floors of the Complex buildings.

Catalog of customized options

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