Pioneer Group was a Partner of the Moscow Urban Forum.

The Moscow Urban Forum 2013 was held under the auspices of the Government of Moscow in Moscow Manege on 05-07 December, 2013, and Pioneer Group participated in the even as its Official Partner. Over 3.5 thousand delegates from 35 countries visited the Forum this year.

The Moscow Urban Forum is an annual conference dedicated to the quality of living in metropolises. Pioneer Group made a presentation of its projects within the frames of the comprehensive re-development of Moscow territories.
“Such events as the Moscow Urban Forum are sources of great amount of information about practical experience in the sphere of urban planning and design. The Forum is an international event and an efficient platform of discussions, where experts, market participants and representatives of state authorities can have open discussions on issues and projects that are very important for all Russian cities,” said Andrey Grudin, Managing Director of Pioneer Group.

Andrey Grudin participated in the session “Development on a megacity scale: change of paradigm”.

The main subject of the discussion was the formation of Moscow urban planning with due account for state regulations, needs of residents and business potential. The participants supported today’s most important tasks of redevelopment of industrial areas, attraction of foreign investments and solving the transportation infrastructure problems to improve citizens’ standards of living.

“Moscow, as one of the major metropolises of the world, along with the big capital cities of Europe and advanced Asian countries, has the goal of harmonious development,” stated Andrey Grudin. “Therefore we try to use the ideology of the “transit-oriented development” in our projects. We consider that radical changes of the capital city’s territories require clear points of growth that could be found, in our opinion, in implementation of large-scale projects of transport transit hubs.”

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