Pioneer Group won the tender for kindergarten construction in Tushino

Pioneer Group won the tender held by the Moscow Department of Construction for building a kindergarten the 1st micro district in Severnoye Tushino. The pre-school childcare institution on the territory adjoining to the LIFE-Skhodnenskaya Residential Complex will meet the current demand for childcare institutions in the micro district. Commissioning of the building is planned for the 3d quarter of 2014.

“The principles of building housing complexes provide for the creation of comfortable urban environment, and first of all, social infrastructure available both for the LIFE Complex residents and those living in the neighborhood. Each project of Pioneer Group encompasses construction of social facilities, and in the LIFE-Mitinskaya Residential Complex we plan to build two of them – a kindergarten and a school,” commented Oleg Soroka, Managing Director of Moscow Business Area, Pioneer Group.

The new kindergarten on the territory of the LIFE-Skhodnenskaya Residential Complex will be specially designed for this location, taking into account the architectural style and range of colors of the surrounding buildings. Moreover, Pioneer Group will not only construct the building of the kindergarten and landscape the adjoining territory, but will also provide it will all necessary equipment and materials.

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