Let's create a park together!

Dear residents of block 1 of LIFE-Mitinskaya ECOPARK, on October 1 we would like to invite you to a Community Cleanup Day!

Meet your neighbors, learn more about your district, take part in creative workshops and recharge your good mood outdoors – On October 1 you will not be bored!

This coming Saturday, the first residents of LIFE-Mitinskaya ECOPARK together with Pioneer Group will create their own mini-park, which will consist of maples, birches, elms, larches, chestnuts, ash trees and numerous conifers. The professional staff of a landscape bureau will prepare the planting site in advance and during the day they will talk in detail about the secrets of gardening and will provide the necessary assistance.

After the Community Cleanup Day, the guests of the holiday will be able to relax and have fun with their families in the yard of the residential complex. The most creative participants will cut images on real pumpkins, create unusual bird feeders from grains and cereals. All day face painters will work at the site and you will also be able to use the services of the on-site studio and keep your favorite pictures as a souvenir. In addition, the guests will be able to visit our tent with tasty treats: snack on pies, try boiled corn, cotton candy and warm up with hot tea.

Specially for the housewarming holiday, we invited representatives of local educational and artistic institutions, so that the inhabitants of LIFE-Mitinskaya ECOPARK could get acquainted with their region. The staff and teachers of Libraries №233 and №237, of the youth and children’s centre “Undiscovered Islands” and of the Interesting kindergarten will speak in detail about the development of children’s creative abilities in Mitino, hold entertaining classes, competitions and sports competitions for children and adults. Also, the talented kids from the creative teams of the youth and children’s centre “Undiscovered Islands” will perform for you their original songs and dances.

The chain of furniture and accessories stores from Denmark BoConcept prepared useful gifts for the new residents. During the day, representatives of the store will speak in detail about their product range and offer certificates for a free design project for your new flat. And amateur photographers can take part in a competition: on October 1, during the LIFE-Mitinskaya ECOPARK holiday, take original photos, share them in Facebook and VKontakte with the hashtag #СоздадимПаркВместе (Let’s create a park together) and collect likes. Works posted online until October 7 take part in the competition and we will sum up the results and define the winners in each social network on October 11. The lucky ones will receive a cash certificate from BoConcept for 5000 rubles for the purchase of furniture and accessories in their shops.

Welcome the Indian Summer on October 1, together with LIFE-Mitinskaya ECOPARK!

The celebration begins at 12:00, guests arrive from 11:30.

12:00 – 14:00 Community Cleanup Day
13:00 – 16:00 Workshops and quizzes from the libraries, the youth and children’s centre “Undiscovered Islands”, the Interesting kindergarten, face painting, on-site photo studio
13:00 – 14:00 Pumpkin carving workshop
13:30 – 16:00 Treats and snacks for the guests
14:00 – 15:00 Making original bird feeders workshop
14:00 – 14:30 Performance of the creative teams from the youth and children’s centre “Undiscovered Islands”
14:15 – 15:15 Sports races
15:30 – 16:00 Performance of the creative teams from the youth and children’s centre “Undiscovered Islands”
16:00 Fireworks and wrapping up of the celebrations
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