Not so long ago the showroom of the residential district LIFE-Mitinskaya ECOPARK opened its doors to visitors. This event was looked forward to by potential buyers who will be able to assess the flats with basic decoration as well as the furnished ones with designer renovation.

The one-bedroom flats have basic decoration in two styles: dark classical and light modern. The decoration is made using materials of leading world and Russian producers: tile Kerama Marazzi, Egger laminate flooring, interior doors Vivo Porte, Tikkurilla paint, plumbing Roca, Grohe and others.

The two-bedroom flats are presented in all four choices of decoration: classic and contemporary styles in light and dark tones. Designers showed how using finishing materials from the catalog of the individual options, and well-chosen furniture, textiles, lamps give the living spaces such different images. Guests will find a cozy corner in soft white and pink palette, clearly intended for a young and sophisticated woman. And then – a flat in a modern beige and cognac colors suitable for a manly guy. Visitors will see that imagination in decorating is endless! Such beauty and elegance is achieved, also, thanks to the new Italian brands Italon and Union, producing tiles and interior doors that Pioneer Group intends to propose to its customers in the near future.

The showroom is located on the 24th floor in one of the sections of the first building, where, by the way, the first residents will very move in. From the windows of the six demonstration flats magnificent views open, and it is impossible not to fall in love with them! It’s a nice feast for the eyes, not only the emerald treetops of adjacent parks and the modern skyscrapers of the Moscow area. In the distance you can even see the Ostankino Tower and the familiar outlines of Stalin skyscrapers. The view on the district’s own court yard, where the kindergarten is located, as well as playgrounds and recreation for children and adults, is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent!

We invite you to visit our new showroom and see everything for yourself! It will be interesting not only for potential buyers of LIFE-Mitinskaya ECOPARK, but of LIFE-Botanic Garden.

A visit to the demonstration flats can be arranged by phone: 8 (495) 641-35-35.

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weekdays – 10 – 21, weekends – 10 – 19.

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