Sales opened in the third stage of the RC LIFE-BOTANIC GARDEN

Pioneer Group has received permission to build the third stage of its flagship project – the residential district LIFE-Botanic Garden. Now anyone interested can buy an apartment in the new building K7, signing an equity participation agreement, including with the use of a mortgage loan from VTB24.

The new stage involves the construction of an 11-section building of variable height, from 7 to 23 floors with the total area of 60 thousand sq. m. The project also envisages an underground parking lot, allowing to accommodate 342 cars. The building will have both residential and commercial premises. In total, the building will comprise 464 flats with the total area of 31.1 thousand sq. m. Their area ranges from 40 to 152 square meters.

The buyers are offered to choose from one-, two-, three- and four-room flats with decoration and two types of lay out: “Japanese” and classical. The first option is characterized by a combination of zones with different functional purposes, making the living space more open. In the second case all the rooms and the kitchen area are isolated from each other.

The first floors of the building will be purposed for street retail. The K7 building will include 26 non-residential premises for 2 thousand sq. m. The area of the smallest lot will be only 24 square meters, the largest – nearly 300 square meters. Among other things, there will be a bakery and pastry shop, a coffee shop and a supermarket.

The architectural concept of the residential district LIFE-Botanic Garden was created with the participation of the world-renowned Japanese company Nikken Sekkei. The project documentation was developed by a Russian TPO “Reserve” under the guidance of the famous architect Vladimir Plotkin.

The contractor for the construction of building K7 was the company SU-10. On the site excavations are under way, and in late April it is expected to start monolithic works. It is planned to commission the unit to the state committee in autumn of 2017.

In total, it is planned to build nine buildings in four stages at LIFE-Botanic Garden. The fifth stage will include social infrastructure: a school and a kindergarten. The total area of the project will amount to 238 thousand sq. m.

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