Monolithic works finished in the second building of the RC LIFE-Mitinskaya Ecopark

Pioneer Group has completed the construction of the monolithic frame of building 1b, the second in the residential district LIFE-Mitinskaya ECOPARK. Its construction began in April 2015 and it is planned to commission this unit already in June of this year.

The total area of the 25-storey building is 49.3 thousand sq. m. In total, there are 631 flats with the total area of 36.7 thousand sq. m. Their area ranges from 37 sq. m. to 85.9 sq. m, and the price starts from 7.3 million rubles. On the first floors of the residential district there will be street retail premises, which will house the necessary and useful urban infrastructure for the inhabitants: pharmacy, dry cleaning, as well as beauty salons and convenience stores.

Now glazing, installation of elevator equipment and decoration of the common areas is going on in the building. The general construction contractor SU-10 is about to proceed with decorating the flats. It is planned to start handing the first keys over to the buyers of flats in January 2017.

The high speed of construction – about 14 months from the excavation of the pit until the planned commissioning – has been achieved through the effective use of modern technologies. The RC LIFE-Mitinskaya ECOPARK is being built using monolithic construction methods, characterized by higher speed and longer service life. In this case the developer is also able to implement absolutely any lay-out plan in the project.

A modern kindergarten for 300 places has already, been built and fully equipped in the residential district.
The new residential district is being built in an ecologically clean area in the north-west of Moscow, where there is no industrial production. The RC LIFE-Mitinskaya ECOPARK is located inside a city district buried in verdure, near the Novogorsky forest park. The project will be carefully inserted among the surrounding buildings with maximum preservation of the existing green spaces.

Being environmentally friendly is one of the most important components of the concept of the RC LIFE-Mitinskaya ECOPARK. That is why when developing the project Pioneer Group provided for the use of eco-technologies: central water purification systems, energy systems and eco-collections of finishing materials.

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